How To Find The Best Divorce Attorney

There are thousands of divorce lawyers in NYC. And while it’s nice to have many different options during your search, finding the best divorce attorney for you amidst thousands of different lawyers can be stressful. Here are several easy steps you can take to narrow down your search:

Ask for a Referral

A good way to narrow down your search is to first ask a friend or family member if they know a good attorney. They might not know a divorce lawyer in NYC or Brooklyn specifically, but the lawyer they do refer you to can then direct you to the best divorce lawyer they know. You can also ask the Court or the Bar Association in your county. The Court and Bar Associations will arm you with multiple resources to find a divorce attorney who fits your needs. If your income is low, the Court will also assist you in finding a free lawyer.

 Divorce Attorney

Ask Questions

When you consult with a lawyer, ask questions. Ask the attorney what their communication style is, what their recommendations would be for your case, what their experience level is, and how they think your case will play out. And if they can’t answer basic questions in plain English about the legal process to obtain a divorce in NYC, that’s a red flag.

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Speak with Multiple Attorneys

Also, consider speaking with multiple attorneys before hiring one. It’s tempting to hire the first attorney you speak with because you want to deal with the case quicker. But if you speak with multiple attorneys, your final decision will be more informed, and you will likely feel more confident about your choice.

You Don’t Need to Hire the Most Expensive Attorney

Just because an attorney charges a high hourly rate does not mean they are the best divorce lawyer in NYC. But you don’t want to hire the cheapest attorney in your area either. This is another important reason why you should consult with several attorneys before choosing one, as you will get a better sense of the average retainer price for your case in NYC.

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Know what you prioritize the most from your lawyer

Some clients value being able to reach their attorney easily the most. Others don’t feel the need to speak with their attorney often but like to have general updates once in a while about where their case is heading. The key is to know what you are looking for ahead of speaking with an attorney, so you know what questions to ask regarding what their communication style is.

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